Corona epidemic is increasing mental stress in children, experts are giving these suggestions to the government. Hindi news, country

Corona epidemic is increasing mental stress in children, experts are giving these suggestions to the government.  Hindi news, country

New Delhi: Is the future of the country in danger? This question is because children in Corona era are now suffering from mental illnesses.

According to the AIIMS study, corona is having a negative effect on more than 75% of the country’s children. Therefore, before worrying about the third wave, pay attention to grooming them today, so that tomorrow can be better for them and the country.

Children are locked in homes for one and a half years

For the last about one and a half years, children are studying in online classes or living on mobiles in their homes. Children’s knowledge increased so much. Hardly anyone can tell this, but during this time a lot has changed among children. This is what the AIIMS Study (AIIMS Study on Children), the country’s largest medical institute, is telling. According to the research done on children, psychological disease among them is increasing rapidly.

AIIMS doctors have done a meta analysis of about 15 studies (AIIMS Study on Children). In this, research has been done on about 22 thousand 996 children. According to AIIMS research, 34.5% children have increased nervousness. At the same time, complaint of depression has increased in 41.7 percent children. In addition, 42.3 percent of children have increased irritability. The problem of inattention has been observed in 30.8 percent of the children studied.

Around 79% of children under mental stress

Overall 79% of children are mentally affected by corona. At the same time, there are 22% who are scared of coronavirus. Symptoms such as poor sleep, excessive boredom have also been seen in these children on a large scale. Experts believe that the only reason for this is the closure of children inside the house.

Dr. Shefali Gulati, a child neurology expert at AIIMS, says that the way children (orphans) have been orphaned in the second wave of Corona. This has caused a lot of mental impact on the children. She says that in case of reduced corona cases, one should consider opening schools only keeping in mind the mental and physical development of the children.

Dr. Sanjay Rai, member of the Kovid Task Force of AIIMS (AIIMS), says that the Union Ministry of Education has given the right to the state governments to decide to open schools in view of the situation. They say that schools have been opened in many countries around the world. Non-opening of school affects the development of children.

‘Schools should be opened in view of circumstances’

Experts say that we are hurting children more by closing schools. This affects the overall development of children. Their mental state is also affected. Schools have been opened in most countries of the world. In the UK, we had a higher infection rate. As soon as the situation got under control there, schools have been opened there.

Pediatrician Dr. Manish Manan says, ‘I think the schools will be opened soon. In the second wave, children are very infected but not serious. There will be a reduction in these cases in a month. In such a situation, schools can be opened with Kovid protocol.

How much effect does the third wave have on children?

The Indian Academy of Pediatrics means that about 90 percent of infections in children have been mild or asymptomatic so far. The Indian Academy of Pediatrics said that there is no evidence that there will be a danger for children in the third wave of Corona. Dr. Randeep Guleria, the director of AIIMS and a member of the Empowered Group on Corona, has ruled out more danger to children in the third wave.

Children have been locked in homes for the last year and a half due to the Corona epidemic. In such a situation, it is not uncommon for children to go home in despair. At the same time, due to online studies, they are facing many other problems. His studies are also being affected. Eye and sleep problems are increasing.

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‘Make a schedule to keep children busy’

Psychologist Dr. Bhavna Burmese says that parents should make a schedule for their children. Involve them in other activities in your home, such as they can help in cooking. Playing with siblings, spending the whole family laughing together can be very good results in the long run.

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