Government released second list of weapons to be purchased from indigenous companies | India to become largest producer of military goods, takes major steps

Government released second list of weapons to be purchased from indigenous companies |  India to become largest producer of military goods, takes major steps

New Delhi: India is now taking a big step from the biggest buyer of military equipment to becoming the largest manufacturer. The Ministry of Defense has released a list of 108 such items, which can now be taken only from Indian companies. This is a major step towards making the country self-sufficient in the matter of defense logos.

Second list released for ‘Self-reliant India’

The Indian Ministry of Defense (Ministry of Defense) released the first list of 101 items in August last year, which can now be purchased only in the country. In the second list released on Monday, every year from 2021 to 2025, some items have been included. This is a big declaration of self-reliant India in the defense sector.

According to this list, all the helicopters with a capacity of up to 3.5 ton weight will be procured only from inside the country after the end of this year ie December 2021. In addition, large and modern equipment such as armored vehicles, mini UAVs, antitank guided missiles, surveillance and surveillance systems, ground-to-air missiles, wall-to-wall radars are also available from Indian Defense Companies only. Will be purchased only.

Weapons will be purchased from domestic companies

According to the government’s plan, by the end of the year 2022, clothes and equipment worn on very high mountains, far sighted binoculars and different types of rockets will be included in this list. From the same time, the sensors detecting tunnels installed far below the ground will also be purchased only from companies working in the country.

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State-of-the-art weapon systems such as mountain gun locating radars that detect enemy firepower in the mountains by 2023, smart anti-airfield sweepers that destroy enemy airfields and rotating targets are also purchased from the country. .

Radar and bombs will also be used indigenously

After 2024, long-range glide bombs will also be purchased from Indian Defense Companies only. Such bombs can be dropped from the aircraft at targets well within the enemy’s range while staying within their range. From this year onwards, most of the bombs used in fighter aircraft will be manufactured indigenously. Long range radars on the mountains can also be purchased only from Indian companies from this year.

Industry welcomed

This move of the Ministry of Defense has been overwhelmingly welcomed by the Indian industry. The Society of Indian Defense Manufacturer, ie SIDMA, has said that this will lead to a huge surge in new investment in the country’s defense industry and will lead to the development of new technology. SIDMA President Jayant Patil said, “This shows the confidence of the government and the army for the indigenous defense industry and it will strengthen the self-reliant India.” Vaibhav Gupta, director of MKU, said that increasing trust in the military is a good sign for Indian industries and this will lead to an increase in foreign partnerships for Indian companies.

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