Juhi Chawla Filed Case Against 5G Technology in Delhi Highcourt |

Juhi Chawla Filed Case Against 5G Technology in Delhi Highcourt |

New Delhi: Bollywood veteran Juhi Chawla has filed a petition in the Delhi High Court against 5G technology. The actress has expressed the possibility of damage to the environment with this technique in her appeal. The hearing of the case was to be heard today, the petition of the actress has been transferred to another bench and now it will be heard on June 2.

‘5G hazardous to the environment’

Juhi Chawla In Court has demanded from the court that before the implementation of 5G technology it should be carefully read all the studies related to it, which is about the effect of radiation on mankind, animals and trees. Is in Along with this, it should also be clarified whether the current and future generations of the country have any kind of harm or not.

‘Health damage from this technology’

Juhi Chawla On 5G Technology said in its statement, ‘I am not against the implantation of technology advancement at all. In contrast, we enjoy the new products that we get from the world of technology. They also include wireless communication. However, we are always in a dilemma at the time of using a wireless device. Because our own research and studies related to such gadgets and network cell towers indicate that radiation is harmful for health and safety.

‘Necessary to reach the court’

Juhi Chawla In High Court said on the filing of a statement case shared by the spokesperson that this case has been filed so that the court’s eyes should be pointed out on this issue. So that he can tell us that 5G technology is safe for humans, animals and birds. He should do research on it and tell whether it will be safe for 5G technology to come to India or not. Taking care of the health of the citizens, he should give his decision in this regard.

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